2 min readSep 24, 2020


The stories that the mainstream media’s lens miss.

1.3 Billion stories play out in the streets, homes and offices of this immensely diverse country called India. A majority of them go unnoticed and do not get the coverage they deserve. A million important issues are overlooked by the mainstream media to focus on things that shall trend and catch more eyeballs.

This strive to catch stories that have the potential to trend, to go big, plagues not just social media but also online journalism and broadcast media. Stories like month-long fires in plants in Assam, Government of India’s ban on export of Onions, and India’s achievements in the space race when they find new Galaxies and Asteroids go completely under the radar.

News in today’s time has been limited to showing only what people WANT to see, Broadcast, and Online journalism’s unsustainable business model, relying on maximum viewership doesn’t really help them move away from this practice. However, in today’s digital age, News should actually act like an ‘Explore’ button bringing in stories from all the corners of the world and then helping viewers dive deep into the topic of their choice.

While all big and small news reporters are busy covering the most trending stories, EXTRA! INSIGHTS wants to bring out the ones that don’t get the deserved limelight. Through our Daily Podcast and occasional videos, EXTRA! INSIGHTS introduces you to events that are Lost In The Clutter.

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