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Introducing ‘Reels for India’

3 min readSep 16, 2020

Making Journalism For & By the people!

Albeit the 4th pillar of democracy, Journalism as a practice isn't too democratic. A handful of journalists and media houses decide whats worthy of national attention. Local publishers and channels only have a limited reach to bring daily issues to the nation’s televisions or newsfeeds.

Internet & Social Media, the factors that leveled the playing field for a multitude of industries have majorly been a curse for the News Media Industry. They became the dominant place for users to consume news and their fast and entertaining environment influenced news media to facelift journalism and reduce its effectiveness & integrity.

However, many view the internet & social media as a tool that democratized content, It put the power of publication in the hands of the citizens and gave them a tool to get their voice heard on a global stage. This tool although something that the news media despises is something that can be used for the benefit of journalism.

EXTRA! INSIGHTS realizes the power that social media holds in today’s day and age. We have the privilege of being an influential institution across platforms, we would like to share this privilege with the citizen of India. Through ‘Citizen Journalism’ we would like to make Journalism more democratic and give an opportunity to the citizen of the nation to get events happening around them noticed on a global stage.

We have decided to dedicate our Instagram Reels exclusively to the Citizens of India!

An individual’s voice can only reach so far, we would like to give the citizens of this nation an opportunity to use OUR network and spread the word about notable events happening around them. All they have to do is be vigilant.

Be vigilant about what is happening around you, take a video, post on your social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and tag us. We WILL pick it up, verify it, and add it to our reels, tagging relevant authorities.

A notable event can be anything, from a local fire to police brutality or even an eco-friendly puja pandal, just something you think should be brought to attention, share it with us and we shall try our level best to get it the attention it deserves.

You might feel that you stand alone and your voice won't make a difference, but with ‘Reels for India’ standing beside you, you can be assured that you have thousands hearing you and the nation stands with you!

Mahatma Gandhi taught us not to Listen, Watch & Speak Evil, we would like to tweak this life learning and ask people to Record, Show, and Share, to fight evil.

So the next time you see something and feel it should be on everyone’s feed, Make it Happen! Record, Show and Share!

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