Calling all Seekers!

Introducing the EXTRA! INSIGHTS Seeker Program.

5 min readSep 26, 2020


Recently my family hosted a priest at our house. While conversing he asked what I do and upon sharing that I was building an online journalism aggregator, this is what he asked me:

Do you think that girl and others associated with Sushant Singh’s murder should be jailed for life?

It was sad to see that someone who is meant to share true wisdom with us was influenced by colored media narratives. It reminded me that the space for reliable content and journalism was more important than ever.

And that is what I am trying to build.

My name is Anuj Agarwal, founder of EXTRA! INSIGHTS and much like you, an internet user tired of the poor (and sometimes shocking) editorial standards of online content and journalism.

EXTRA! INSIGHTS, a new age online journalism & information aggregator that curates credible, in-depth, and insightful content from the most reputable content creators of the world.

Our content consumption habits are now defined by algorithms. Algorithms that take into account what we like, what our peers like, and what people like us like, and present it to us, in a manner that pushes us into an infinite scrolling pit.

Everything that a person consumes now, must be according to their taste and liking, even Journalism. Echo Chambers are as easy to create as it is to make & spread fake information. Everyone has their own set of facts and figures to suit their beliefs and our media eyeing the gold at the end of this horrific rainbow, keeps feeding viewers more entertaining and distracting content!

We live in a time where, in countries like Myanmar, the internet is synonymous with Facebook. Journalism has been limited to things that we want to see and not the things that we are meant to see. It seems as if our entire world has been cramped into these tiny screens by corporations and individuals who are fighting each other for real estate both on our screens and in our minds!

But some of us realize that the world is more than just 7 billion people running under an algorithm's spell, that there is always an unexplained element in the algorithm or human evolution process. These elements- the insights, are the hidden gems that are key to making, gaming, and breaking the system.

This small yet growing bunch of people have realized that Gossip is free, Information is cheap but INSIGHT is Valuable!

As seekers and curators of insightful content, the responsibility to make it a part of the mainstream lies on us. EXTRA! INSIGHTS is here to prove to the world that their feeds are not a comprehensive list of everything that’s out there. That quality content exists and in a form that they will enjoy! All we need now to show this to the world is, YOU!

I know you are one of us, a Seeker, for the How & Why behind every What.

And I am calling all the seekers, to band together and dig deep into the internet to find the gems that should get the spotlight they deserve. To bring together the best in human intelligence and change the mainstream!

I would like to invite you to join me as an EXTRA! INSIGHTS Seeker and play your part to find the most in-depth, credible, and insightful content (Text/Audio/Video) that humanity has to offer (examples below). Upload your finds and establish yourself as a thought leader. If you’re an expert who writes papers, publish them on EXTRA! INSIGHTS. If you’re part of a renowned organization that writes papers, publish those on EXTRA! INSIGHTS. We are a community Of, By, and For Seekers, join us as we grow our community and bring together the best that’s out there!

This selection of invaluable content should reach every screen. It is time that we combine our expertise and bring out the hidden gems and share them with the world to set a new benchmark in quality journalism & information.

The biggest initiatives in this world are voluntary, Wikipedia, the Internet, and the biggest NGOs, just as EXTRA! INSIGHTS Seeker Program shall be. We are creating a community of volunteers including journalists, academicians, subject matter experts, and more to create a fraternity of publishers and database of content that can add real value in the lives of curious citizens!

As this shall be a voluntary effort, EXTRA! INSIGHTS shall not shy away from recognizing the effort that you put in to accomplish our collective mission of becoming a Reliable NewsFeed!

Imagine a world where such in-depth and insightful content is as abundantly and easily available as cat videos on the internet. It shall open a plethora of opportunities and give people an answer to ‘If not this (Poor content) then What?’. Our failure to do so shall only tighten the external forces’ grip on media and as a result on us!

Yes, the mainstream has changed, from printed newspapers to distracting (and destructive) screens, from insightful and well-researched content to irrelevant dopamine doses, but quality content still exists, it’s now become a needle in a haystack, all we need is a magnet. All we need is You!

If you are interested in joining our Community of Seekers, feel free to reach out to us via a comment, Email (, or WhatsApp (+91- 6290629523).